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I have donated blood more than seven times and have'nt had any problems due to donation.
Sreekanth C
I have donated blood on many occasions and believe me while donating I always feel pride from inside, a feeling of saving someone's life is beyond anything else. We all should experiance such feelings in life..........
Manish Bhartia
I brought awareness of blood donation among my friends and made two others regular donors and they felt very happy participating in social activities. I think more publicity is required in rural areas to bring awareness among the donors.

My experience has been Nice.
Anil Reddy
I am a regular donor who normally donates blood on the occasion of my birthday or my daughter's birthday, else on demand. I am so happy that I have done a good job through net by registering on
I donated blood to a needy patient undergoing open heart surgery at GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore. I am happy to be associated with BharatBloodBank and thank them for giving me this opportunity.
Dr. S. Rajesh
I am not a regular donor. But with switch over of job which makes me travel every day a minimum of 40 to 50 kms within the city made me realise the value of human beings every day struggle with life, ill health etc. I realised how we healthy men and women never think of blood donation.

But now I have become a regular donor and after giving blood I never felt ill or went to a doctor with any complaint.
S Kumar
I have been donating blood to the needy as and when it comes to my knowledge. I have donated blood to my friends, their parents, my co-employees and to unknown persons while attending in any hospital or nursing home. I feel proud to do so.
Rajul Parikh
I started donating blood while I was studying. My teacher Smt. Renukamba was the source of encouragement. A Rotary blood camp was organised in our campus. I went there out of curiosity. Many refused to donate but my teacher did'nt. That inspired me and it also became my first blood donation. Since then I have donated at least 8 times which is at least twice a year.

I am healthy. Don't get worried after or before donating. You are saving a life with your blood
B S Narahari
I have donated blood many times. Once Idonated blood to a person at a government hospital. The person who needed blood had many relatives around who were not ready to donate blood. In fact, they were not aware of blood donation which is not a very good sign.
I donated blood for the first time to my father, when I realised how much important it is to man kind.

I would like to donate blood to the needy
I have donated so far 9 times. I wish to donate until 55 years.......
Donate heartfully and save life...u can...
Just today morning I donated blood to a Bi-Pass Surgery Patient....Patient is from Orissa..New to Andhra Pradesh...

Ealier also I have donated blood once in 2003. I am feeling proud having participated in such activities. Never miss an OPPORTUNITY to HELP OTHERS
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